Wednesday, December 21, 2016


As you have left your mission and "family" in the Georgia Macon Mission and returned to your home and family in the United States Salem, Utah, you have been released as a set apart full-time missionary. However, you are always a missionary in your words, deeds, and actions. You will have many experiences in your life to come as you keep progressing forward in this mortal journey.

We each have a unique set of pressures and challenges that we face each day. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember what matters most. It can be hard to think of the perfection of the Savior without thinking about how flawed and imperfect we are. But remember that no matter your circumstances, the Savior is ALWAYS mindful of you. He understands your needs and sees your efforts. He knows what it is like to have the cares of life press upon you. He knows that we are not perfect and are going to make mistakes. As you strive to REMEMBER and follow Him today, you will receive the confidence that, through Him, you can have a better tomorrow.

I love you, Parker! I know that you will have experiences that will be challenging and will seem overwhelming. The Savior can always reach us no matter where we are or where we've been but WE must reach out and take His hand. I hope that you will always REMEMBER that as you strive to follow the Savior, you will always have the pure joy that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings.

I Love YOU Forever and Always!

Monday, November 21, 2016

HE'S HOME . . .

Elder Parker McEwan has returned from the Georgia Macon Mission! Thank you to so many family members who met him at the airport to welcome him home. We were very thankful to see him coming down the escalator! I love that "momma hug" and will NEVER get tired of them :).

What an amazing day! He has grown so much in the time he has served and we are forever grateful to a loving Heavenly Father and the wonderful people of Valdosta, Georgia and the entire mission who took care of him and loved him!

Truly our BEST DAY SO FAR!


Monday, October 31, 2016


October 31, 2016,

Hey Ya'll,

So this week was very fun and exciting like all weeks are when you are a missionary:) I wish everyone the very best and hope that you all are having a great day as well as having fun this week.

I would like to pose for a question this week and it comes from my mission President. He says, "What is your desire?" He also asked us to pray about what we desire most, whether to have missionary experiences or to think about going home. President is a very smart guy and I know he is lead by the Lord to do what is right for the mission:).

SO this week in Valdosta . . .

Tuesday: Elder Mashburn and I were able to make contact with with a guy named William. This guy was a media referral that wanted a Bible and a Book of Mormon. He is a super nice guy that just wants to make it to heaven. We weren't able to meet with him for very long but we are going to keep trying to make it work with all our schedules. We were also able to meet with a younger couple named Jessica and Vinnie. They are a family that has some struggles right now. We met with both the husband and wife to help them see how good the gospel is and how it really does bless families:). We had a nice hour and a half talk with them and they said we could come back:). We also went to see another referral that we got that said we could come back but she ended up not being home so there was this other lady named Ashley that me and Elder Benesh had met. She lives right next to where we were at. Ashley was home and we had a nice talk with her about the gospel. We started out by saying that we had been by a ton of times to talk and check up on things but that she wasn't there or didn't answer. She came out and told us, "I have been running from the Lord and now I just want to stop and get back with the Lord." This was music to our ears. It was a great day:).

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday So this day was a great day because we were able to meet some new contacts and that was awesome:) Being able to see the change that people want to make in their lives for the better is so awesome:) Seeing their curiosity about the church or the Book of Mormon is so awesome that it just makes me see that one day these people will come to the fullness of the gospel. Most of these people that we meet don't have a solid background so it will take a few months but if we go in with the right attitude and bring faith then they can see the true meaning of the Gospel.

Saturday- Today we had a ward activity and that was honestly the funnest time we had:) Also we did some games for the primary kids and that was fun. They tried to shoot us with water guns and that was so fun for the kids to do. We then went to do service for a lady in the ward. She was needing big strong guys to come and help move stuff and we did that for the rest of the day:).

I hope ya'll are having a great time at home with the holidays upon us. Today we are going to be held captive in our apartments because of Halloween:).

Love you guys and hope this week you can see miracles in your everyday life:)

Love Elder Mac (they like this name better)

This is what we had for dinner! YUM! YUM!

Monday, October 24, 2016


October 24, 2016

Hi Momma,

How are you doing?

This week was very, very great in that I got on the right path again and it was a reality check because I had been thinking of other things for a while and missed out on some lessons and opportunities in two weeks.

I'm sorry that I was not being very nice to ya'll when I was asking and telling you about my plans to come home a transfer early. It had been a super hard 3 months because Elder Benesh was so worried about going home and getting back into school that it was making me so homesick. I feel like I was not able to help my own companion with his struggles, which was making me feel worse and worse every day. I have since talked to president about that and I am working to become the best missionary that I possibly can. President Grayson told me to pray about what I wanted most. So I did. I came to the understanding that this is the place the Lord wants me right now. For right now I am a missionary and I know that I am in Georgia for the next 2 years for a reason :).

I love you and am so thankful for your example mom!

Elder McEwan

2 Nephi 31:20


October 24, 2016

Hi Ya'll,

So this week was a really great week out here in Valdosta. I have a new comp his name is Elder Mashburn and he is from Utah (Clintonville). He has been out 9 months and it has been a really great week:) We were able to meet with a ton of people to help them see the importance of going to church and the reason we have the Book of Mormon. It has been great getting out and doing the Lord's work and helping bring souls unto him. I hope all is well with ya'll at home and I know that with the Lord's hand in our lives we can accomplish anything in front of us :)'

So the week's run down goes like this:

Monday for the activity we went to a play at the high school and it was really good. They put on Footloose and that was something. I was like, "Wow I am in Georgia but they are doing a play that was filmed in my home state." :)

Tuesday I got my new comp and that was really awesome. We are working well together and I pray everyday that we can find at least one new person to teach.

Wednesday thru the end of the week was pretty awesome and I learned so much. Me and Elder Mashburn got to teach a lesson to a kid that wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon:). We met him at the church and he told us from the beginning that he wasn't looking to convert that he had just seen the Book of Mormon play and wanted to know more about it from actual missionaries. We talked for awhile and after two hours he had a Book of Mormon and was saying, "Well maybe I would like to learn more." It was so wonderful that this was able to happen and I couldn't have asked for a more joyous day.

This past week we spent a lot of time doing service and helping others and it was a blessing to have good health to be able to do this stuff. On Friday we were able to help move a member and her daughter and that was great cause they really love us and all of that. Saturday we had time to go help out two families that needed it. First in the morning we had the opportunity to help move and fellowship a less active person, which was fun because they ended up coming to church yesterday and that was awesome!!!!! That evening we went to help another family with some yard work. They are kind of elderly and needed the extra hands to help. We ate dinner at a members house (the Van Horns) and that was really good. We had hamburgers and fries plus Sister Van Horn had made some pumpkin pie for us and it was delicious. The members and even some nonmembers really look after us and make sure we are well kept:).

Well I love ya'll so much and I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas and tell you guys more:).

Hope everything is going well and everyone is being safe back at home.

Elder McEwan

PS I was hit while riding my bike with a caramel apple. I was just so glad that I had my helmet on.
2 Nephi 31:20