Wednesday, July 20, 2016


July 20, 2016

Dear Family,

The food is good here but I really just want to make my own food because this food has been giving everyone in the zone stomach problems since day one.

Well, so we have had a fun time here at the MTC with learning how to help investigators and teach them.

Me and Elder Bowler had a fun time last night (really afternoon). We were teaching one of our teachers as like mock lessons and it did not go very good and we ended the lesson early. Our teacher called us back in to evaluate what happened and he said very bluntly and firmly "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?" Let’ just say we went and had a companion study about that and our lesson with our TRC investigator went amazing. We are going to thank our teacher for that talk :).

I have been reading in the Book of Mormon and highlighting words and phrases like crazy. Something I have realized now is that there is a lot of” Lord” or “God” in the scriptures and it makes sense because this is His church and we are just the messengers teaching like HEAVEN :) I write in my journal nightly and have also purchased another triple so that I can highlight more stuff that I can’t in the other set of scriptures.

We had the greatest day on Sunday. We got to watch the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar because they like to show this to all the new missionaries, which by the way, the total that came in with me was 640 missionaries and close to 750 last week. But anyway, we were watching that as our devotional on Sunday and after it was done we see the MTC 1st councilor stand and make the stand-up motion and GUESS what!!!! Elder Bednar came in and we had a Q and A with him and we had the spirit speak to us so strong that night. :)
Elder McEwan & Elder Graham (Salem Hills Buddies)
I got a Sunday calling and it’s the sacrament coordinator. Basically I'm the Deacons President, the Teachers President, and the Priest Assistant. Glad I had a little bit of training in my youth :). Also we went to the Provo Temple today and last week and did an endowment session which was pretty cool.

Thank you for the package you sent me! All of the Elders were pretty impressed with the homemade Oreo cookies :). I bought a calling card so that I will be able to call home from the airport before I leave. I was able to see Elder Carson Hill and Sister Mckensie while here at the MTC as well as all my other friends from high school. :)

We are having fun and loving the work we do. We are ready to leave the MTC and go to the world and bring them HEAVEN ( haha see what I did there). Speaking of my flight, it is on Monday at about 836, weird time, and we will be leaving here about 4:50 or 5:00. I will try to from the airport. I love you guys so much and want to hear everything that’s going on back home.

Love Elder McEwan
2 Nephi 31:20

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