Monday, September 19, 2016


September 19, 2016

Hi Y'all!

So this past week was super busy and we had lots of stuff to do, well, until we got dropped by two people :0.

Tuesday was Zone conference and Elder Uceda and Elder Muers (new) came and talked to us for a long time. They talked about the important role of us being a missionary and that we need to first convert ourselves to the Lord. We then talked about reading scriptures and helping others see the importance of reading as well.

On Wednesday we were working at the food bank that we do every Wednesday and that was so much fun. We were able to fill 230 boxes for a disaster relief aid. It was a ton and we were drenched in sweat! Afterwards, we went to visit a lady who seemed really interested in the BOOK OF MORMON and we even gave her one but then we went by and she said that she didn't want us there to teach her. She said she was going to learn on her own and that if she had any question she would find a way to contact us. This is the funniest thing that I have heard in a long time :). The next guy we went to visit was the same way. He said that we and his church taught the same thing and kept saying that he loved the King James version of the Bible but didn't understand why the Book of Mormon was so important. We were just about to leave and I said, "Whats the same about the two churches," and he said, "Well there is a God" and that's all he said. I was trying to teach him the restoration and he didn't want to talk about it so we left.

It has been slow because its been very hot here and sometimes the people just aren't very nice to us and don't see the importance of us being out here. Last night we did an exchange and I went with the zone leader. It was a great time because we were able to knock and find people who showed a little bit of interest. Knocking in the south is hard but we love the Lord and if he tells us to knock then we knock!

The work isn't easy and there are times on the mission where you just think, " . . . and I came out here for doors to be slammed in my face." But it goes deeper than that -- How much of your time and effort are you willing to put into being a missionary? How far are you willing to go to find that one person? The Lord doesn't ask too much of us but he asks just enough from us to make us push ourselves to the end!

The people here feed us like crazy! I feel like I'm getting a little chunky :/.

So that is great that ya'll have been having fun this past week and that there is so much going on. I'm glad that Ricky was able to get married in the temple. We have new member and he and his wife plus their two kids are being sealed on Saturday in the Orlando Temple and that is so awesome!

Keep being positive and working hard and everything will come fast but the way we handle it is through the Lord!

Love Elder McEwan

P.S. Momma -- We can listen to music, so if ya'll want to send me a flash drive with music, that'd be great! Maybe some meditation music, too. I could also use the Insanity work outs :).
2 Nephi 31:20

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