Monday, September 12, 2016


September 12, 2016

Sup Y'all,

So this week was a great week and was very eye opening for me. I realized what missionary I wanted to be when I get done and when I land in Salt Lake.

Elder Swank, Elder McEwan,
Member in Valdosta,
Elder Benesh -- Elder & Sister Swank's
Farewell Party
So You CAN'T CONTROL EVERYTHING! I didn't get this concept until this week and how it came to me was actually really fun to be honest:) I was sitting in our ward correlation and that's when it hit me but the back story was interesting. On Sunday we had Fast Sunday and we fasted of course. I usually break my fast after church because that's when I find my answer or the strength that I need, but this time I decided to fast two meals and this was such a good idea :0.

Tuesday we got two new elders in the district that Elder Downs is training and they are super cool. One is from Pocatello and he says he knows my great aunt that lives up there, even though I forget her name sometimes. The other one is from Vegas and he is super cool as well:)

This week was very good and I was super happy at the end because of all the positives that happened in our week. SO the week starts Monday and goes till Sunday so we had a pretty awesome week:) We went down south on Tuesday and tried to meet with a lady that seemed interested in learning the gospel but she hasn't been home lately and so we decided to go knock in a trailer park and we found a lady who is Methodist and she seemed very opened to knowing more. She is a young mom that has been through a lot in her life. She and her husband have 3 kids that are super sweet, the only problem with them is that both the husband and wife like to smoke and he seems content in the ways he was raised. We then made contact with a potential investigator that has been on the list to visit but my companion said he didn't think we should go. We got to her house and we didn't see any life in the house or around it. We started driving away and I said, "Elder Benesh wait, we need to go at least knock and see. We got to the front porch and she pulled up in her car and she told us that she was wanting to join our church and become a member but she hadn't met with the missionaries for a long time. So we went back on Wednesday and taught her the first lesson and she was really receptive. We think she could be baptized but we need teach her a little more :). We went to a guys house on Saturday to visit him and help him stop smoking. He has expressed that he wants to stop but doesn't know how. So we got him some LDS addiction recovery stuff and took it by and that was a great experience. As we were getting ready to leave he said, "I am going to give my smokes away to a friend that needs them." Elder Benesh said, "Well we will help two people out so you can give them to us." This guy is super funny and he said, "If I hear of my LDS missionaries smoking and they need to know where they got them I will deny everything to your leader person :). We laughed and told him we would never do that :).
Valdosta Ward Missionaries had dinner with
Bishop David & Sister Maren Hyer and their family

Sorry that BYU lost. I was well informed about the game, even in Georgia they too love the blue and white :).

So what's happening in school and with the home life? I recommend and invite y'all to keep a positive journal that you write down all the positives in the day. I know that when we are positive that nothing will break us and no one will make us give our lives away but that we, and that's a WE, can be happier with the positives in our lives.

Love y'all so much and y'all are in my prayers everyday :0

2 Nephi 31:20

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