Monday, September 5, 2016


September 5, 2016

Hi Again,

So this past week was kind of very different from the rest. We had an exchange on Tuesday and it was going pretty well until we went to this guys house and he asked me a question but didn't specify what he meant so I gave my answer and it didn't sit very well with this other person in this house and she was mad about what I said. I felt really bad about it because I had said that I was never going to mess up and that I was going to always speak what The Lord wanted me to say. I texted President about the situation and he told me, "Elder McEwan, you need to remember that mistakes are to be learned from and if we don't learn from our mistakes then we just are going to keep making mistakes." This really helped me cause I was feeling bad about the whole situation.

On Thursday we were informed that there was a tropical storm that was going to hit us and that we were in the way of the entire thing once it hit the border of Georgia so that was really fun. President texted us and said that we needed to stay inside from 8 pm on Thursday night to about 3 pm Friday afternoon. We were kind of scared because we were watching the storm trackers and it was suppose to be a big huge thing. The storm came and brought heavy rains. It wasn't like Louisiana so that was a big positive. Then we woke up expecting it to be super bad but we saw that it wasn't too bad. The power lines were down in part of the city and the street lights (because they are on wire not poles like at home) SO that was really cool. We went out and saw the people and we were told the storm which was potentially a huge storm had broken up and that we had only gotten part of it:) SO there is a lesson for us all and it explains why we need our mothers in our lives. When you're a missionary you get a ton of moms from the President's wife all the way to the senior couples and the bishop's wife but you can never forget the one that gave you life and I firmly believe that it was the faith of our mom(s) that the storm was not as strong.

Saturday was my first transfer call and I am still in Valdosta for at least another 6 weeks. We will be getting two new greenies down here in Valdosta and we are losing one to be transferred elsewhere in the mission so that means LOOK OUT VALDOSTA, WE HAVE 7 MISSIONARIES!

Glad everything has been going great for y'all back at home.

Love Y'all So much!

2 Nephi 31:20

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