Friday, September 2, 2016


At 8 a.m., Hermine had maximum sustained winds of 60 mph, the Hurricane Center said. It was centered about 35 miles northeast of Valdosta, Georgia, and was moving north-northeast near 14 mph.

As Hermine moved north, Georgia Power estimated about 19,000 homes and businesses were without power statewide early Friday. Many of those were in Valdosta and surrounding Lowndes County, about 15 miles north of the Georgia-Florida line. Lowndes County spokeswoman Paige Dukes said crews were dealing with fallen trees and snapped power lines, but no injuries had been reported. Winds exceeding 55 mph had been recorded in the county, with 4 to 5 inches of rainfall, she said.

I have been following the weather this morning. The worst appears to be over. Here are some updates from the mission Facebook page –

16 hours ago
Parents and Families of our great missionaries, wanted to let you know we are keeping abreast of the weather,
especially in areas of the mission that may be impacted greater by Hermione. We have a system set up to report any needs or problems. Tonight and early day tomorrow will see a lot of wind and rain, so we watch and wait.

4  hours ago
Hi Pres. & Sis. Grayson! Just wanted to let you know that all the missionaries (both sets of elders, the sisters and the Swanks) here in Valdosta are safe and accounted for after the hurricane passed through our area. The four Elders are all at the same apartment (Elder Down's apartment) as that apartment has their phone working. We have massive power outages along with widespread issues with downed power lines and we have asked them to please stay in their apartments due to electrical hazards until we can be sure it is safe. The emergency alert call went out saying that there are widespread power outages over north Florida and South Georgia & that crews are working to restore power but there is the possibility that power could be out for a couple of days. We hope all is well in Macon and we send our love.

3 hours ago
Good morning families! All our missionaries are fine! No power outages reported by them and senior couples and leaders. Rain and winds continue in the eastern and southern zones (Valdosta, Tifton Savannah , Augusta) We are central(Macon) winds and rain are picking up. Those west of us in Columbia zones are essentially unaffected .

47 minutes ago
Damage in Valdosta
Weather missionary update: All are fine. There are new power outages in the Savannah area, but no complaints other than that, from missionaries, voiced. Taking advantage of this downtime to study and plan. Phones charged., bishops are aware of their needs. Watch The Weather Channel, they are broadcasting from Savannah.

Dear Parents,

This email is to let you know that the missionaries in the Georgia Macon Mission are all safe and accounted for during our recent tropical storm/hurricane. There is a lot of rain and several power outages but all is well.  Thank you for your faith and prayers.

Sister Jensen


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